Brand and Company Strategy

HortConsult Ltd can 'add value to your business' by working with your existing management team on ornamental and vegetable seed, bulbs, plants, potatoes, fruit, gift and hard goods purchasing sectors in a fully independent and confidential way, asking pertinent questions, with some examples below:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your company and brand strategy, are you prepared as well as your competitors for the next five to ten years of business?
  • Have you fully considered opportunities for alliances, mergers, acquisitions, reviewing industry consolidation and your exit plan, or are your competitors already ahead of you?
  • How is your brand viewed internally, does it match or differ from your suppliers, competitors and importantly your customers perspective and actual experience?
  • Do you fully understand domestic and global trends, including business risks to identify new growth opportunities that will affect your business in the coming decade?
  • Is the greatest asset, your staff, fully engaged and motivated to meet your business objectives and challenges. Do they understand and positively feel part of the strategic 'way forward' to execute the plan effectively?

HortConsult Ltd could help your organisation save significant amounts of money thus 'adding value to your business' by helping to answer those questions in collaboration with your teams!