Hortconsult Ltd can 'add value to your business' by working with your existing management team or product specialists on flower and vegetable seed projects in a fully independent and confidential way. Some examples of services we provide include:-

Sales representation:- We connect flower and vegetable seed breeders to international markets where they need assistance to find local distribution partners. Examples can be found on our partners page.

Sourcing and purchasing solutions:- We help seed companies source new varieties from our extensive global breeder network or find existing variety supply solutions caused by crop failures. This can include seed production and technology options.

Bespoke work:- due to our very varied experience in both amateur and professional seed market sectors we can undertake corporate work, advising on business plans, cover staff shortages, whereby we can remotely do short or longer contract work otherwise are open to suggestions on how we can assist you.

Please contact us if you want to discuss any of the above points or have your own ideas on how we can collaborate.