Pepper hot (Capsicum chinense)

Habanero series

Very Hot Chili series, Habanero’s range between 200,000 – 300,000 SHU with a citrus like hot flavor. Used extensively in Mexican cuisine. The white has a smaller plant habit and fruit size compared to the other colours.

‘Habanero Aroma’ multicolour fruits.
‘Habanero Choco’ chocolate fruits.
‘Habanero Fire’ red fruits.
‘Habanero Golden Yellow’ gold fruits.
‘Habanero Sevilla’ orange fruits.
‘Habanero White Heat’ creamy white fruits.

English common name: Chili Pepper

Scoville units / heat level: 200,000 – 300,00

Average fruit size: 4 x 3cm (length x width)

Average fruits per plant: 40

Plant type: indeterminate (needs support)

Maturity: mid

Production: greenhouse and outdoors in pots

Culinary use: Used in Mexican chili dishes, sautéed or crushed into a sauce

Note: handle fruits with care, wear gloves, mask and goggles before handling the fruits, then wash hands thoroughly after handling the fruits, due to the strong heat level.