Pepper hot (Capsicum annuum)

Hot Lolly

‘Hot Lolly’ is 40cm tall producing 7-10cm long fruits that ripen from creamy green to orange then red, giving a multicoloured effect and can be eaten at any colour stage. The fruits are hot 50,000 SHU with red being the hottest.

English common name: Chili Pepper

Scoville units / heat level: 50,000

Average fruit size: 7-10 x 2.5cm (length x width)

Average fruits per plant: 20

Plant type: compact

Maturity: early

Production: greenhouse and outdoors in pots

Culinary use: Sliced in hot salads, chopped in stir-fries or other Asian dishes.

Note: handle fruits with care, washing hands thoroughly after handling the fruits, due to the heat level.