Perilla (Perilla frutescens var.crispa)


Bred by one of our Japanese specialist breeders, known as Japanese Shiso. ‘Houkou-uraaka’ has bi-colour deep green and purple serrated leaves. Used as a natural food colouring and flavouring, with leaves best steamed thus cooked before use, can be eaten with other foods, including tofu and sashimi. Also, looks attractive as an ornamental garden plant.

English common name: Perilla / Beefsteak Plant

Typical leaf size: 7 x 5cm (length x width)

Maturity: Early

Best period to harvest: once the leaves turn deep green and purple.

Production: open field.

Culinary use: cook and use the leaves as a natural food colouring and flavouring plus with tofu and sashimi.