Stuffer series – Black, Green, Purple F1

The series is a spineless type bred for protected production or grown in outdoor patio containers and pots available in three colours on semi-vigorous plants. All colours have a good taste fruiting continually throughout the summer. The fruits can be harvested regularly – little and often – which means that they can be added to the family menu as a regular feature. They are used primarily mashed as stuffing types in Indian cooking, Baingan bharta, including a vegetarian curry dish.

‘Stuffer Black’ has shiny black 200-300gram fruits
‘Stuffer Green’ has shiny green 200-300gram fruits
‘Stuffer Purple’ has small dark purple 50-60cm fruits ‘Chu-Chu’ type

English common name: Eggplant / Aubergine

Typical fruit weight: 50-300 grams dependent on colour.

Typical fruit size: 6-25 x 5-15cm (length x width)

Typical fruits per plant: 10-25 dependent on colour.

Maturity: Early

Best period to harvest: as soon as the fruits attain their final size. If the fruits change colour to yellow (if white or green) or have an underlying yellow tinge (if black or purple), then this is botanic ripeness and the fruit will taste somewhat bitter. Harvest when the fruit is young and pure coloured to give the best culinary results.

Production: greenhouse and containers.

Best pot size for sales: 1.5 L; best pot size to grow on to fruiting 2 L+. Plants need good fertilisation throughout their growth.

Culinary use: Sliced in Asian stir fries, Indian vegetarian curries or baked in Mediterranean dishes. Many recipes using the fruit can be found online.