Purchasing Efficiencies

HortConsult Ltd can 'add value to your business' by working with your existing management team on ornamental and vegetable seed, bulbs, plants, potatoes, fruit, gift and hard goods purchasing sectors in a fully independent and confidential way, asking pertinent questions, with some examples below:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you buying from the original breeder/producer or are you paying inflated prices by buying through a broker or middleman company?
  • Are you paying too much to the original/breeder producer and negotiating hard enough to maximise your discounts by supplier or individual product?
  • Are you buying 'best quality for best price' on all your products from a genetic variety trait and general product quality perspective thus confident your customer is getting the correct quality product meeting or exceeding their expectations?
  • Are you producing crops with trusted, efficient producers in the right climatical zones and should you produce more crops, without infringing intellectual property rights, to reduce your unit costs and save money?
  • Are your stock levels too high, what strategies do you have to liquidate surpluses effectively?

HortConsult Ltd could help your organisation save significant amounts of money thus 'adding value to your business' by helping to answer those questions in collaboration with your teams!