Sales Representation

HortConsult Ltd can 'add value to your business' by working with your existing management team on ornamental and vegetable seed, bulbs, plants, potatoes, fruit, gift and hard goods purchasing sectors in a fully independent and confidential way, asking pertinent questions, with some examples below:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have sufficient local, continental or global sales coverage for your valued brand, products and services to truly maximise sales potential and income from existing customers, whilst trying to generate new ones?
  • Can you afford to employ more full time or even part time staff to help boost your sales campaigns?
  • Can you find skilled and knowledgeable staff to carry out your sales plans effectively to maximise your income?
  • Do you need external knowledge and experience in different sales channels, including royalty brand or product licensing, retail, mail order, internet from a domestic or international market perspective?

HortConsult Ltd could help your organisation save significant amounts of money thus 'adding value to your business' by helping to answer those questions in collaboration with your teams!