Sourcing Products

HortConsult Ltd can 'add value to your business' by working with your existing management team on ornamental and vegetable seed, bulbs, plants, potatoes, fruit, gift and hard goods purchasing sectors in a fully independent and confidential way, asking pertinent questions, with some examples below:

Questions to ask yourself:-

  • Are you sourcing products direct from the original breeder/producer/factory or from an expensive broker or middleman company?
  • Are you seeking out the 'best' new product introductions, finding those elusive suppliers, visiting the prime international shows, gaining exclusives on products with high sales potential, or are your competitors beating you to it?
  • Are your new product introductions really new or exclusive, or are they 're-named' products from a 'middleman' at an inflated price. Could your competitors, trade press or even customers, recognise 're-names' and publicly question your brand integrity?
  • Are your plant breeders truly innovative, are they sourcing from unusual botanical sources, generating enough ideas with strong sales potential and have the technology to develop them?

HortConsult Ltd could help your organisation save significant amounts of money thus 'adding value to your business' by helping to answer those questions in collaboration with your teams!